PAP Corps - Cancer Research

Mission Statement

United by a single purpose … Inspired by a single goal!
Our Mission
To enable and support, through the funds we raise, the vital research programs at
Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center,
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.
Our Vision
To Imagine – and help create – a World WITHOUT Cancer!
Our Spirit derives from…
…the pride we take in our grassroots organization,
…the enthusiasm, passion and commitment we share,
…our thousands of members working toward a common goal,
…our determination to make our vision a reality,
…and the knowledge that the funds we contribute have a
powerful affect on countless thousands of people!
* * *
The Pap Corps is the largest all-volunteer organization in the United States dedicated solely to
funding research on all types of cancer. For over half a century we have provided the seed
money scientists must have to apply for research grants
that may one day result in cures for all cancer.
Since 1952, we have donated tens of millions
of dollars to fulfill our vision.
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